Artist Statement

artist-statement“Art involvement for me, is one filled with fascination and drama. it is exhilarating to take an idea or experience, and through thought, work and turmoil force rigid, impenetrable steel into a malleable state with my torches and electrodes. The fabulous feeling I receive when I shape steel into the personification of a form I desire is paramount and addictive. My emotional and physical involvement in the creative process is an absolute necessity. The process can be exhausting, but it always gives back as much as it takes. It is my hope that those who view my work may perceive a tiny glimpse of this experience.”

“I believe that the perpetuance of the creative process- the illusion an artist  makes-  is completed by the viewer. There can be no sound in the forest when a tree falls unless a living ear can perceive it. The observer is the visual ear. The observer is the necessary component in the creative process for the completion of a piece of art.”